"Corrosion Challenges and Advancement in Corrosion Combating Materials”

14-15 March 2024, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


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SESSION - I (DAY-1 (14 March 2024))

SPEAKERS Content Rating Presentation Format Rating
1. Dr. S.R. Karade, CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee EGAP EGAP
2. Dr. Shishir Kumar Chakravorty, Independent Consultant (Plant Engineering) EGAP EGAP
3. Dr. Manishkumar D. Yadav, Department of Chemical Engineering, ICT, Mumbai EGAP EGAP


SPEAKERS Content Rating Presentation Format Rating
1. Mr. Anil Bhutada, Anticorrosion India Pvt. Ltd., Resistotech Group EGAP EGAP
2. Mr. Yogesh Gujarathi, Graphite India Ltd. EGAP EGAP
3. Mr. Hong Hanki (Harry), JOC Technical Engineering Co. Ltd., China EGAP EGAP


SPEAKERS Content Rating Presentation Format Rating
1. Mr. Ton Manders, Euro Chlor, Brussels (Recorded Presentation) EGAP EGAP
2. Mr. Pranavgiri Aparnath, Tata Chemicals LTD, Mithapur EGAP EGAP
3. Mr. Raxit Mansinh Rodiya, Fluorochemicals Ltd., Vadodara, Gujarat EGAP EGAP
4. Mr. Rahul C. Patel, DCM Shriram Ltd., Jhagadia, Gujarat EGAP EGAP

SESSION - IV (DAY-2 (15 March 2024))

SPEAKERS Content Rating Presentation Format Rating
1. Mr. Mangesh Fasate, Chemical Process Piping Pvt. Ltd. EGAP EGAP
2. Mr. Rohit Ojha, Alleima India Pvt. Ltd. EGAP EGAP
3. Mr. Diganta Khataniar, Grasim Epoxy Division EGAP EGAP
4. Mr. Anupam Kapoor, Polyplast Chemi-Plants (I) Pvt. Ltd. EGAP EGAP


SPEAKERS Content Rating Presentation Format Rating
1. Mr. Rajendra Khanolkar and Mr. Mangesh Watane, Chemours India Ltd., Mumbai EGAP EGAP
2. Mr. Roy Philip, Horizon Polymer Engineering Pvt. Ltd. EGAP EGAP
3. Mr. Sameep Deshpande, GMM Pfaudler Ltd., Karamsad, Anand, Gujarat EGAP EGAP
4. Mr. Rakesh Jaiswal and Mr. Ram Duggirala, Asian Paints PPG Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat EGAP EGAP


SPEAKERS Content Rating Presentation Format Rating
1. Mr. P. Balakrishnan, Ion Exchange Ltd. EGAP EGAP
2. Dr. CH. Jagan Mohan Rao, Parahsakthy Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad EGAP EGAP
3. Mr. Dhananjay Deshmukh, Emerson Automation Solutions, Pune EGAP EGAP

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2. Adequacy of time to cover topics and for Q & A EGAP
3. Quality of AV EGAP
4. Venue Arrangements EGAP
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