Recent Events
Name of the Event Date & Venue Details
Corrosion Challenges and Advancement in Corrosion Combating Materials 14 & 15 March 2024
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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Conference & Exhibition on “New Developments in Chlor-Alkali Industry” 16 & 17 March 2023
Vadodara, Gujarat
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Seminar on “Safe and Efficient Transportation of Chlor-Alkali Products in India” 25-26 September 2019
Vadodara, Gujarat
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Seminar on “Automation & Controls to Optimise Operations and Safety in Chlor-Alkali Industry” and Mini-Exhibition 25-26 March 2019
Bharuch, Gujarat
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Seminar on “New Developments in Chlor-Alkali Processes” and Mini-Exhibition 9-10 August 2018
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Seminar on “Safety, Health & Environment and Waste Management In Alkali Industry” and Mini-Exhibition 14-15 March 2018
Bharuch, Gujarat
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List of Past Events
S.No. Name of the Seminar Date & Venue
1. Seminar on “New Developments in O & M of Membrane Cell Plants with Energy Saving & Management in Chlor-Alkali Sector” and Mini-Exhibition, followed by plant visit to Grasim Industries Karwar Sept. 2017, Goa
2. International conference on development of chlorochemicals industry in india, china and mini-exhibition in association with China Chlor-Alkali Online, CCAON, China March 2017, Vadodara
3. Seminar on “Improving Life of Membrane and Electrode Coating in Chlor-Alkali Industry” and Mini-Exhibition Aug 2016, Puducherry
4. Seminar on “Corrosion Management in Chlor-Alkali Industry” and Mini-Exhibition March 2016, Bharuch
5. Seminar on “Chlorine for Disinfection of Drinking Water and Sewage” Oct 2015, Delhi
6. Seminar on “New Developments in Piping and Valves for Alkali Industry & Mini-Exhibition July 2015, Ahmedabad
7. Seminar on “Emerging Technologies related to Chlor-Alkali industry” and mini-Exhibition March 2015, Goa
8. Seminar on “Operation & Maintenance of Caustic Evaporation & Flaking units” and Exhibition December 2014, Bharuch
9. Seminar on Environment Management for Chlor-Alkali Industry May 2014, Bharuch
10. Seminar on “Operation & Maintenance of Membrane Cell Plants” and Vendor Meet-cum-Exhibition November 2013, Chennai
11. Global Safety Seminar February 2013, Vadodara
12. Seminar On Implementation of PAT & Energy Management in Chlor-Alkali Sector July 2012, Vadodara
13. Seminar on Open Access & Wheeling of Power – Regulations & Issues February 2012, New Delhi